About Regatta


Enable people to live happier and healthier lives through great times spent outdoors.


To be Europe’s favourite outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment brand.


Sell great quality, well designed, great priced and great marketed product.

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Our brand

Regatta makes great products that you can afford, clothing to get you outside and enjoying the fresh air without worrying what it costs.

Clothing and footwear for every adventure whether you’re a rambler, ambler, camper, gardener, picknicker, dad at the footie or urban roamer, beachcomber or puddle-loving child!

Regatta has helped millions of people have their very own adventure since 1981 and it’s not just in the UK. Regatta exports to over 55 countries around the world and has dedicated sales offices all over mainland Europe and into Asia.

A truly international business, Regatta also has offices in Xiamen, China and Dakar, Bangladesh where our dedicated teams develop the very best products.

Regatta has a rich history of manufacturing high quality waterproofs - three generations in fact and it still retains the same family values of creating affordable clothes that keep you warm, dry and comfortable – it is a family business after all.